Choose, Assemble, Publish!

HyperTables are composable data products you can assemble easily from a variety of data sources. Mix-and-match, share and amplify the power of data.

Hypertables: Data Product-ivity

No waiting required

Instantly build composable data products by easily assembling from more than 250 readily-available data sources.

Amplify data securely

You have column-and row-level control of who has access to data while being able to share data with just links.

Single-pane management

Manage all aspects like sources, transformations, security and observability from a single-pane of glass.

1, 2, 3, Data!

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User base growth
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Increase in retention

HyperTables are all about making you go fast.

A productivity power-house, HyperTables are an easy way for you to create, manage and secure data products.


Zipstack's data productivity platform does all the heavy-lifting for you. There's nothing for you to manage.


Declare what you need, we'll take care of the how. That's how composable data products work!

Let's bust some silos

Effortlessly join data from different, varied sources-more than 250 of them! Deep insights were never this easy.

Clicks, not code

Easily cover most use cases with powerful no-code data transformations. Need full control? Full-code is just beneath the surface!

Hit the right balance between data democratization and security

There's a fine line between opening up and staying secure - a line we help you walk effortlessly.


Every HyperTable can be secured with role-based, row-and column-level access control.

Dead-simple sharing

Share HyperTables with anyone in the organization over Slack or email via just links.

Self-service data

With good security, remove the need to ask for permissions. Open up data across the organization securely.

Powerful permission workflows

Folks shouldn't be emailing others asking access to data. Zipstack's powerful permission workflows enable a data-driven organization.

All the tools you need to manage and secure data products - in one, single screen.

Stop jumping from one vendor solution to another to manage different aspects of the same data.

Save time and effort

HyperTables bring the data and different aspects of its management and security into a single pane of glass.

Different aspects, one view

Get an bird's eye view of how data is secured and used - all in one place.

Decentralized data, decentralized control

HyperTables put the tools of data management and control into the hands of data product owners.

A new watering hole for data

HyperTables are the collaboration point around which data product creators and consumers congregate.

HyperTables build upon standards you already know

Don't waste time learning and building on top of proprietary technology. Leverage open standards that enjoy the comfort of your familiarity.

Connect with JDBC / ODBC

HyperTables look and behave like regular databases. Anyone with the right access levels can connect to them via JDBC or ODBC and consume data from them in data visualization tools or programming languages and frameworks.

Query using ANSI SQL

Don't waste your time learning a new "SQL!". HyperTables can be queries like a normal database using the full power of regular ANSI SQL.

10X productivity boost 25X Less time to insight 90% lower TCO