Rocket boosters for your data engineering productivity.

Zipstack is a Data Productivity Platform that saves you tonnes of time and effort at every step of the way in your data engineering lifecycle.

Don’t waste your time gluing together a data stack.

Connect, mix-and-match

Zipstack comes with more than 250 connectors to sources ranging from flat files to databases to SaaS applications. Query and join as you please.

The property comes with a lakehouse

No need for a separate data warehouses. We include a new generation, deeply-integrated, fully-managed lakehouse.

SQL querying engine

Query data sources and higher-level HyperTables you build with ANSI SQL with our horizontally-scalable, petabyte-scale engine.

1, 2, 3, Data!

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User base growth
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Increase in retention

Zipstack comes with batteries included

Get up and running in no time with our 250+ connectors to a variety of sources. No waiting required.

Wide variety

Data silos come in many shapes and sizes: from flat files, to databases to SaaS applications. Query them all in a snap.

SQL-based querying

Deal with a simple, standard interface of SQL irrespective of the type of data source. Different sources, same tooling.

Composable connectors

Our connectors are thoughtfully created so you can easily assemble them into powerful, multi-source data products.


Forget about traditional ETL with our composable data connectors and HyperTables. You compose data products, We’ll do the heavy-lifting.

Welcome to the lakehouse. Feels like home.

With Zipstack’s Zero-DataOps approach, you don’t have to worry about individual pieces of the date infrastructure. Everything’s part of the platform.

Based on the best

Every HyperTable can be secured with role-based, row - and column-level access control.

Unlimited scaling

The lakehouse scales horizontally to effortlessly accommodate petabyte-scale data with blazingly fast querying.

A time machine for your data

See how your business was back in time. User powerful time travel features to look at data as it was any time in the past.

Fully-managed, well-integrated

You’ll never deal with the lakehouse directly. Our modern, data product-based workflows mean the lakehouse is a transparent persistence layer - nothing more.

This SQL has no parallel

With our fully-managed, deeply-integrated SQL engine, you don’t have to learn anything new. Leverage your existing knowledge of SQL to gain business insights or build machine learning models.

Petabyte-scale querying

No matter how large or small the data you need to query or join, we’ve got you covered.

Multi-source joins

Most business insights are arrived at by joning data from multiple sources. Combined with connectors to 250+ sources-query away.

In-place querying

Centralizing data in order to first query it is so 2020. Welcome to our new-age, distributed querying engine.

Query live or persisted

You have the choice to build data products that query sources live or persist them transparently in the lakehouses. Recency or performance-you choose.

Get data at the speed of what your business requires

Stop spending time on undifferentiated activities like ETL and DataOps that take your bandwidth away from stuff that really matters.

Get started in minutes

Skip the setting-up bit. We’re a fully-managed Data Productivity Platform. Sign-up and you’re good to get started.

DataOps is a time sink

Ler Zipstack do the heavy-lifting. Just like how you don’t run your own server hardware, you shouldn’t be running your data stack either.

Assemble, compose, publish

Welcome to powerful, composable data products you can effortlessly build by assembling data from a variety of sources.

10X productivity boost 25X Less time to insight 90% lower TCO